Introducing VeinViewer® Technology

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Donating plasma is now easier, thanks to a smart new tool that allows our Freedom Plasma technicians to see the map of veins inside a plasma donor’s arm. The VeinViewer® technology, developed by Christie Medical Holdings, has had great success in hospitals and medical clinics. Using the VeinViewer® in a plasma donation setting provides phlebotomists with real-time images of the donor’s veins before needle insertion.

The VeinViewer® uses direct projection vein illumination to identify vein patterns and display them on a patient’s skin. As part of plasma donation, a needle is inserted into the donor’s arm to withdraw blood that is then separated into individual parts during a process called plasmapheresis. Being able to easily see where the donor’s veins are located helps phlebotomists as they insert the needle to begin the process.

The United States provides 2/3 of the world’s supply of plasma, which is used to make critical life-saving medicines and plasma-based therapies. Blood plasma is in great demand and the need for it increases 6-8 percent yearly. By using the VeinViewer® technology, the ability to see this image increases accuracy making the donation process faster, and reducing the likelihood of reinserting the needle. Providing this next-level service will lead to increased plasma donations helping to meet the need for plasma around the world.